“The easy way to collect and share photos”

Everyone have been a guest to a big party, an event or a wedding where many of the guests have their own cameras or smart phones to take photos. How will you get all this photos in one place so everyone can view them and download them? Photago is a solution to this problem.

Photago is about collecting photos from many different photographers during one specific private event such as wedding, birthday party or a trip.


Solve your .dll file problems

Everyone has received a "Couldn't find ****.dll..." pop-up message, on their Windows computer, at some point.

DLL-files.com is the world-leading services for free download of .dll-files. The service has been online since 1998. Helping thousands of people every day.

We also offer the DLL-files.com Fixer. A software for Windows that helps you to fix problems on your computer. Cleaning the registry and installing missing .dll files.


“Blås skiten ur dina vänner!”

Svergies största busringnings tjänst! Använd din telefon för att skoja med dina nära och kära.

Du styr buset med knapparna på din telefon. Vi har massor av olika bus att välja mellan. Alla bus är gjorda av duktiga röstartister, allt för att det ska låta så äkta och trovärdigt som möjligt!

Du har också möjligheten att få en inspelning av din busringning skickad till din e-mail. Så ni kan skratta åt det roliga resten av livet!

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“There's Always Time for a Good Laugh!”

Prankly is Tilf ab’s popular prank call service. Available in UK and Germany and is unique in its model.

Users have total control of the Prank Calls, from their phone, following an online Script available on the Website.

Talented artists have recorded each Prank Call, making it very believable and original: real voice actors record the Prank Calls, making it very natural and funny!


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