The company

The first idea for a company name was actually Flit AB. Flit was an abbreviation of Filip Larsson IT and also means "hard-working" in Swedish. But everyone trying to register a company name in Sweden, knows how difficult it is to get a company name approved by Bolagsverket (the Swedish Companies Registration Office). Filip has a strange skill being able to speak backward. And when Bolagsverket denied the name Flit AB, Filip just reversed the name to Tilf AB - and Tilf AB was borned!

The LLC company was formally started in 2005, but the same activity had taken place earlier but in smaller scale in a personal company by Filip Larsson. But 2005 Filip saw new opportunitys arrise and the AB was formed. By then the company was driven at the same time as Filip was doing full time studies at the University of Lund in Sweden. In May 2008, with only 6 months left of studies, he ended the studies and chose to work full time with Tilf AB - the company was going to well to not work full time with!

6 months later Tilf needed reinforcements and at the beginning of 2009 the first employee Lars started to work at Tilf as developer and designer. Since then we have continued to recruit.

We are currently in the most exciting era since our company started. We are expanding faster than ever before and are facing new challenges every day.

We are building great internet services to end users and having fun along the way!