The easy way to collect and share photos

Photago is a modern and easy way to collect and share all photos taken by all the guest at one specific private event. That could be a party, an event och a trip together with some friends.

We have attended many weddings and other big parties where there are a lot of people taking photos with their own camera or smart phone. The problem that many hosts have is to collect all these photos and sharing among the participants. We have met the same problem at many occasions and the question how to collect and share always comes up. We did not think there were any good alternatives and therefore we started

With Photago you can:

  • Create a specific album for your party or event.
  • Invite all guest or participants to the album with a specific url, e-mail, sms or through Facebook.
  • All guest can upload photos to the album from their smart phones or from the web browser on their computer.
  • You can show all photos in the album in a live slideshow.
  • All guest can view and later download some or all photos in high resolution.

You can use Photago both on our webpage and in our Iphone or Anroid app. Try it out and let us know what you think!


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