Prank Call Service

Tilf AB has great success in the Entertainment business with its Prank Call Service.

Currently available in UK and Germany the service is unique in its model:

  • Variety of Prank Calls to choose from: Over 25 and increasing.
  • Talented artists who record each Prank Call, making it very believable and original: real voice actors record the Prank Calls, making it very natural and funny!
  • Users have total control of the Prank Calls, from their phone, following an online Script available on the Website.
  • Users can choose to Record the Prank Call and download/upload the Prank Call to share with their friends online.
  • Most voted/ Best ranked Prank Calls uploaded on the Website automatically get available online on Twitter and the Facebook Fan Page, so everybody can enjoy and have fun.
  • Users can become Members on the Website and have exclusive features to enjoy.


Our Prank Calls are also available as an app for Apple iPhone.

Tilf AB is expanding the Prank Call Service to new Markets, aiming to collaborate to the Entertainment business with the same success, Internationally. It's of Tilf AB interest to engage users to a new level of social interaction with the Prank Call Service, in a way they can HAVE and SHARE fun!

Thinking of that, it's considered essential to keep an etchic code to all the Prank Calls content, as Tilf AB respects its users and understands that their interest, when choosing to use our Prank Call Service, is to only HAVE FUN.

Visit our Prank Call Service Websites:

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